Should one who swims like a prawn enter an Ironman?

Absolutely not.

But, it may have just happened.  Having managed to secure a place in next year’s Melbourne Ironman, the enthusiasm is rapidly disappearing, as the discrepancy between my own perception of my ability and my actual, real life ability is exposed.

That’s right – I swim like a damn prawn: at a kind of diagonal angle through the water, creating as much drag as possible with my dead-weight legs and arse.

But alas, this appears not to have turned me off.  Hey, it’s only 4km of open water, murky, swimming hell.  It will be fine.  After all, according to the organisers there are 356 days left until the start.  Surely that’s enough time?

Or perhaps not if you consider that in the one and only triathlon I’ve taken part in where the swim wasn’t cancelled, I came a magnificent LAST out of the water

That’s right, I was last in my group out of the water. By a remarkably long way. I may have set a new record.

This may have been an error of judgement.

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3 thoughts on “Should one who swims like a prawn enter an Ironman?

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