Getting to know the taste of chlorine.

The last time I got up at 5.30am was some time ago.  In a past life, in fact, when I was a monk, and had to get up before sunrise in order to pray.  Or something virtuous like that.  What I mean is, I’m not particularly acquainted with this hour, of late.

I’m not lazy (I am), but dragging myself out of bed when it is:

a) dark   b) freezing   c) early and I’m still really tired

is nobody’s idea of fun.  It’s just so snug under my duvet/doona WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SACRIFICE THAT? Oh, here’s an idea: head out in aforementioned freezing cold, ride your bike through the bitter streets and then jump in a pool and swim like a prawn up and down the lane until you have a gut full of chlorine.

But I did it. Day 1 of CHALLENGE:SWIM is complete.

It can only get better from here really I suppose.

What have I done, what was I thinking???

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