It’s Lindt Chocolate Bunny Time…

Easter weekend has a habit of getting a little wild around here.  One year we spent four hours in a sauna, locked in until we could count successfully to 100, replacing every 7 or multiple of 7 with the word ‘SAUNA’.  Another time we partied in a cupboard, drinking white wine from a saucepan.  Another time we sat in a hot tub for four hours until we made it to 100, replacing every 7 or multiple of 7 with the word ‘HOT TUB’.  But you get the idea; our Easter getaways have, in the past, coincided with a general derailment of any healthy living or training.

But now we have the big race to think about, so that meant taking training on holiday with us.  Heading down to Apollo Bay was actually the perfect setting for some awesome cycling, so we got hold of a bike rack and set them up on the back of the car, along with surf boards on the roof rack.  And OF COURSE our car broke down almost immediately after we got out of the city.  This was not only a nightmare as it meant we would never make it down the Great Ocean Road that night – it was also catastrophic for my appetite – I did my first ever triple training day, swimming at 6am, running at lunchtime and then swimming straight after work. So I was HANGRY (hungry+angry).  So I ordered a pizza to the side of the road, and kicked back with a beer on the kerb whilst waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Never let it be said that I am anything other than pure class…

We got a replacement car thanks to father-in-law saving the day, but it meant no bikes and no surf boards.  And of course, we got the biggest bike-related FOMO (fear of missing out) as soon as we arrived.  Oh, and the surf was pumping.  But never mind; this is still an awesome location for a bit of biped training.  In fact, it was running the Great Ocean Road 45km race last May that might have had a significant impact on us now entering Ironman:

I fear I will come to regret sending such a prompt, concise reply.  But the truth is, the marathon last year was absolutely amazing.  And Matt was right – this is a good time to step it up a little…

So getting out and running along the Great Ocean Road again brought back so many memories (of pain), especially since the stretch we were staying at constituted the final 6km of the 45km run.  So all weekend I ran up and down that stretch of road and track, thinking back to my marathon memories (of pain).  Whilst at the same time getting huge bike envy whenever I saw cyclists riding past me.

But no matter; there will be plenty of time for riding…

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