Training Report: Week 1

Total time: 8:53:44

Swim Distance: 3.3km

Bike Distance: 40km

Run Distance: 40km

Lots of time spent training, but not going very far.  Lots of ‘slow and steady wins the race’ style training.  Well that’s my excuse anyway.  Off to work in Vietnam for the next 12 days, so I suspect the next week’s training report will be very low.

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3 thoughts on “Training Report: Week 1

  1. […] Piper-Super-Fans out there (that’s you mum), you might notice the time discrepancy between Training Report: Week 1  and today’s Training Report: Week 3 – i.e. I seem to have lost a week somewhere along […]

  2. Mumblechop says:

    ‘Slow and steady’ = sloady? Stoady? Sleady? Whichever baby, I’m with you all the way. I may not be quite as good as Mr Hoyt, but I’m going to give my 5k run my very best and EVERY step will be for you. XX

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