Full Sweat-all Jacket

Apologies for the recent radio silence.  I’ve been working on a commercial in Vietnam for the past two weeks.  I would have typed an update on my iPhone, except that the constant sweat pouring from my body and down my hands in the 40 degree heat and humidity made it very difficult to type on the touchscreen.

Also, I have had pretty much zero training to report on.  But I’ll give it my best shot now – triathlon training in Vietnam consisted of the following:

Wake up early.

Get out of bed.

Sweat like hell.

Eat a mega hotel breakfast.

Sweat like hell.

Shoot with locals in remote places under the intense midday sun.

Sweat like hell.

Eat some bad-ass chilli.

Sweat like double-hell from the chilli plus the heat.

Go on a bike tour through rice paddies and reconcile that this is adequate cycle training.

Sweat like hell.

Eat pho.

Eat another bowl of pho.

Drink a 333 or a tiger. Usually both actually.

Sweat like hell.

Have an iced coffee.

Go to a local market and absorb some of the raw meat aroma as you learn to carve a pineapple.

Sweat like hell.

Attempt to go for a run in aforementioned 40 degree heat.  Take a swig of water, and burp it up, only to be met with the most unbelievable chilli-reflux of all time from aforementioned pho.  Almost lose eyeballs to chilli burn.

You guessed it: SWEAT LIKE HELL.

Eat, eat and thrice eat the most bad-ass incredible food of ALL TIME.

Sweat like hell.

Drink beer to cool down.

Sweat like hell and attempt to fall asleep in a pool of own sweat.

Now let me get things straight: Vietnam (plus a day trip to Cambodia) was the most wonderful part of the world I have ever been lucky enough to visit.  But I have to be honest – the climate and crowds and traffic (and remaining too busy eating and drinking to do anything else) made it tough to train for triathlon.  I went in the pool once (and I may as well have been on a lilo).  I went in the ocean once.  For five minutes, just to get a shot, then I got out.  I went on two bike rides through the countryside – single speed, and remarkably flat tyres.  For approximately an hour.  And I ran 6.5km in the intense heat of Hoi An.  So for twelve days, ironman has been forced into the background, and replaced with all things hot, spicy and non-exercise related.

So to say that I was worried about yesterday’s bike time trial (my first one ever) is an understatement: the three of us were accompanied by our now official coach (thanks Joe) to the velodrome (didn’t know what one of these was until a couple of weeks ago) to ride 10km as fast as we could.  I believe the boys rode 15:34 and 16:38 (or thereabouts) and I managed 18:07.  Which is hopefully not too bad considering the preparation…

However, this morning’s swim left me shattered.  And then this evening, I went for an easy run around the Tan, and took a left when I usually take a right, down a random street.  And I found a tiny dog, lost and scared, at the side of the road.  After sitting with him for a while, and trying to call the number on his collar (which doesn’t work), I managed to get the two of us into a taxi and home.  So I have a canine friend for a sleepover tonight before we can take him to the vet or the lost dogs centre in the morning to check him for a microchip.

Unusual twist to an otherwise standard day.  And a new friend gained.  He is called Spot.  And I think I’ve fallen a little bit in love with him…

And finally, I want to mention three amazing friends from back home that finished the London marathon yesterday:

Emma Butler – a total inspiration, and evidence of the fact that you can achieve anything you set your mind to – including dominating in the run despite a totally warped hip injury.

Paul Sumpter – battled through back injuries and knee injuries to make it across the finish line in an awesome time.

Julia Lynch – who beat me in every middle distance race at school at every sports day and has now achieved the ultimate goal by smashing the London Marathon.

You guys are an inspiration.  I believe I owe you all some sponsorship money.  It’s on it’s way.

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