Tour de Funk

Yesterday was our first day off from training this week.  I decided to really splash out and ‘treat myself’ to public transport, and have a day off from riding to work – the perfect rest day.  This appears to have been a phenomenal error, as everybody knows you catch crazy gross stuff from train/tram travel.

Alas, by the time I got home yesterday evening, I was a snivelling mess.  Snot, everywhere.

However, a day off is just one day off, and I don’t want to pull out too many sick notes, so when the alarm went off at 6am this morning, I sniffed, moaned and dragged myself out of bed and ate two crumpets with honey.  I then dragged my training-buddy-hubby out of bed and he did the same.  At 6.45am, we were met by two more cheerful lycra-clad training buddies, and the Tour de Funk commenced:

Funky Town (official name: Frankston) is a 90km (89.3km) out-and-back from our flat.  The boys have been riding this for a while now, but today was my first attempt.  Suffice to say I drafted a good three-quarters of the way, then lost the group as they ramped it up straight into a head-wind coming home, and I rode a stretch alone for 25km or so, before reaching the boys (who were now stationary and awaiting my appearance).  It reminds me of our first ski season when everyday at the start I would lose the big kids on the mountain, and get told that I had to learn to keep up, or get left behind… Am pretty confident that I will never be able to keep up with the big kids on my bike, but it should be fun trying.  (I also need to remember that on race day there will be no drafting, so it’s probably best I get used to riding alone into a head wind.  Joy.)

The snot on my ride was epic, and after three hours of riding, I was home to wallow, sweat, sneeze, sleep and snot some more.  Oh, and of course eat.

It would seem that despite only training very lightly this week to adjust from two weeks off in Vietnam, my appetite has gone as mental as Helena Bonham Carter’s dress sense.  I literally have not stopped.  It has been a standard double dinner almost every night this week, and I think our housemate Romayne is genuinely concerned that Jarrod and I are eating such mega meals.  Hopefully it’s just adjusting to training twice a day – next week I am on a full-on sugar ban that’s for sure.  However, as I type, my super-husband is in the kitchen cooking apple crumble…

Tomorrow morning we don’t start until 8am, so LIE IN – WOOP!  Following that we have our first 5km running time trial. I’m confident there is no carb-loading requirement for anything less than a half-marathon, but best be on the safe side, hey…

Finally, an update on our little canine friend Spot – Jarrod managed to track down the owner via the vet’s, and she is now back safe and sound with her family.  But I miss her already…

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3 thoughts on “Tour de Funk

  1. […] to feel less like torture, and has become slightly tolerable.  Plus, during yesterday’s Tour de Funk, after a comfortable ride out to Frankston (drafting, obviously), I couldn’t keep up with the […]

  2. Sue Gilbert says:

    OMG, Lucy…..I LOVED this! I was literally laughing aloud!!!! You are a VERY clever & witty lady.
    Love Sue G. XOXO

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