Training Report: Week 3

For all the Piper-Super-Fans out there (that’s you mum), you might notice the time discrepancy between Training Report: Week 1  and today’s Training Report: Week 3 – i.e. I seem to have lost a week somewhere along the way.  But due to the two weeks in Asia, I started my training a week before the boys, and missed their first two official weeks. So have now picked up at week 3.  Just keeping you in the loop.

And now for some data:

Total time: 8:45:00

Swim distance: 2.5km

Bike distance: 130km

Run distance: 27km

So, er, hardly did any running or swimming (yikes).  However, bonus points awarded for riding in the most torrential rain of all time on Wednesday morning in the freezing cold .  In fact, the weather was so bad, I was pretty close to heading immediately back to bed.  But this quote always stays in my mind on rainy training days:

“I like it when it rains on race day. I train for it, and prepare for it. If it rains on race day, I know 1/2 the riders hate riding in the rain. I know I’ve just beaten a lot of the field without turning a pedal.” ~ Lance Armstrong

So I guess in the back of my mind I secretly love training in the rain.  And the absolute truth is that there was only one other guy out there riding on Wednesday morning apart from the four of us.  And that was probably Lance himself…

Not sure I can award myself any additional bonus points for this week’s training.  Today’s running time trial was a nightmare from my perspective, as the cold has really taken hold of my chest and coated it with a delightful layer of phlegm, like toffee sauce over a sticky date pudding.  Hmmm, hungry again.  But back to the point: was remarkably off the pace I would like to be at ( ).  But lots of broccoli this week should get me back to health and back up to speed.

We also received the outline of our training sessions for weeks 4-8 from Coach Boss.  Lots and lots of cycling.  YIPPEE for tree-trunk legs.  Not.

And finally: since this week has been one of the most intense calorific blowouts of all time, Jarrod and I are going on a sugar ban this week (he doesn’t know that yet) – not that he needs to, since he is built like a whippet, but if he wants a trim wife he better help me to lay off the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs for a while.  See you all when I’m out of this sugar slump…

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2 thoughts on “Training Report: Week 3

  1. Susie Krivak says:

    I have to agree about training in the rain. I ran over 6 miles in the rain yesterday. At first I cursed it. But then the realization that I would be put there for a bit kicked in, and I loved every minute. Sounds a little like Stolkholm Syndrome…

    • I think you’re absolutely spot on Suzie – Stockholm Syndrome for sure; you start to empathise with the inflicter of your pain. In this case the elements… But you’re right, as soon as you start pretending to enjoy it, you actually start to for real, I guess… Great work on 6 miles running in the rain!

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