Training Report: Week 4

It’s been a long week, and it’s past my bedtime, so I’ll keep it short:

Total time: 11 hours

Ride Distance: 153km + 1hr on indoor trainer….

Run Distance: 32km

Swim Distance: 2km

The training time has jumped up a little this week, as I did a cheeky extra session on the bike on an indoor trainer on Monday.  And then I also played a hockey match this evening as my club were short of players – that was in addition to a 15km run this morning.  I decided to wear my Garmin out of curiosity, and to monitor my heart rate.  I was radically fatigued, so wasn’t intending to do much run, but alas, we only had nine players so I did more running than I had hoped.  A full 6km of running in fact (which is interesting, as I ran much less than I normally would during a hockey match, so it would be interesting to clock the distance run during a standard game when you aren’t already shattered).  So today’s run total was up to 21km – a bit more than I should have done really.  I will regret it tomorrow.

As you can see, the swimming is still faltering along at the bottom.  I have still been fighting off this crappy cold all week, and swimming has been really tough.  But I’m aiming to double my swim distance by the end of next week.  Plus I still have to do my 1km time trial in the pool, which I’ve been dodging for two weeks now since I started big school training with the boys.

Cycling was great this week; two sessions at Kew Boulevard, both in the freezing rain and wind, but it is starting to feel less like torture, and has become slightly tolerable.  Plus, during yesterday’s Tour de Funk, after a comfortable ride out to Frankston (drafting, obviously), I couldn’t keep up with the boys, so I happily rode all the way back on my own.  Which is going to be much more beneficial in the long run, since I won’t be able to draft off some sucker’s back wheel come race day…

Speaking of race days: today we signed up for the Canberra 70.3 Half Ironman in December.  So that’s our training race locked in. I’m also entered in the team event in the Shepparton 70.3 Half Ironman in November with Freddo Frog Finance Dave and Dangerous Dennis (also from Finance at work), where I’ll be doing the run leg of the event.  It’s not too long before Canberra, but hopefully it won’t ravage my muscles too badly.

Let’s be honest, this was a pretty boring post.  But I just got back from hockey and I’m shattered.  And tired beyond belief.  So I’m hitting the sack for the second time today (naps are the new big thing in my world – slept from 3.30-5.30pm today RAD RAD RAD).

Goodnight x

6 thoughts on “Training Report: Week 4

  1. roselle hoyne says:

    Hi Lucy,
    I work with Allan, he has been telling me about your challenge – sounds like your doing great, remember the road may be long but your not alone, keep up the good work, Roselle x

  2. Allan. says:

    Hi Lucy just read your blogs, enjoyed all of them, but my favourite is the one about your trip to Vietnam, made me laugh and your meeting with spot, awwww

  3. Mumblechop says:

    Keep up the good work baby. You really are a superstar, in fact, I think Chrissie would add you to her list of heroes. (I bought the book yesterday and have started already. I’ll keep you posted.).

    Naps are a good thing, just ask Allan – he is the ironman in that department!!!
    Love, mumblepoo, XXXXXX

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