Training Report: Week 10

We have arrived at week 11 of training.  I just got home from a mental interval run, and I’m absolutely shattered, so I’ll keep the update on last week brief:

Cycling – 8 hours

Running – 3 hours 45 mins

Swimming – 3 hours 30 mins

Total – 15 hours 15 mins

It’s a bit more than intended, but there were crazy head winds throughout our long bike ride on Saturday, so it took me FOREVER to get back. It felt like I was going backwards at times.  So I’m not sure my time/distance ratios are very good right now, so I’ll stick to reporting the times for now…

Week 11 is set to be our most intense so far.  And then thank the Lord of Triathlon Training that week 12 is a ‘recovery’ week, so we get one heavenly day of full rest, and a couple of days of easy recovery sessions.

That is all.

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2 thoughts on “Training Report: Week 10

  1. Wow- that’s a great training week! Keep your eye on the prize (week 12) next week!

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