Too-many-of-beers, cow-on-a-spit, cyclocross and doping (well, Infliximab).

It’s been two weeks since my last post. I can’t believe it. Time is short. I feel like we have only just begun to train, but it’s actually been five months now. Wow, how did that happen? I suppose when you do very little other than eat, sleep, work and train, the days have a habit of just turning into boxes to cross of on a schedule.

The last two weeks have been my most intense for a while, both at work and in training. But I’ll spare you the boring details of work and stick to training progress: last weekend we rode out to Kinglake and back, and at 125km it was my furthest ride so far. Not only was it my furthest, it also climbs non-stop for what felt like forever (although you can see I am exaggerating when you look at the profile here ). The climbing meant that the round trip from Melbourne took me around six hours.  Obviously, the boys were a million times faster. And they did the Kinglake climb twice. But no matter, I’m just pleased I survived it.

The next day we had a two hour run on the schedule. I won’t lie – it really hurt. We went to the pub to watch the Hawthorn v Sydney game on Saturday after the ride, and it’s remarkable how well a few jugs of beer can fill up your lead legs and make you feel alive again… So Sunday morning was a little more shady than perhaps we are used to. But with the sun shining, we managed to drag ourselves round, and round and round the tan for maybe four or five laps. (I can’t really remember, I was too sleepy.)

After dragging ourselves out running, we were rewarded with a bit of spectating for a change, with the Dirty Deeds Rapha Supercross at Brunswick Cycling Club. Bringing along our own cow on a spit as well as tent, chairs and music, we had our own satellite event at the ground. The racing was fantastic, and looks like the sort of cycling I’d love to get into in the future. In fact, we were tossing up whether or not to enter, but given the fact that a) we had no wheels and b) we were still shattered from the six hours of riding the day before, we opted out. It was an incredible event though. Amazing to see such a brilliant cycling community out racing.

Some Rapha Supercross goodness. (Image by Andy Rogers – Fame & Spear)

Awesome shot of the remnants of the day (Image by Kirsten Simpson)

A master at work – Ange basting our cow beside the track… (Image by Brian Magano)

So that brings me up to this week; training has been strong again this week, with just one gap as I had to go into hospital for my Infliximab treatment (which I am now referring to as my doping. More on Lance in my next post…). Yesterday was a group ride down to Mornington, followed by a solo ride back from Mornington into the city – no drafting, followed by a 20 min run straight off the bike. I was riding for a little over four hours, so when I started my run (this was my first run off the back of a long ride, as I missed the training camp run due to injury) my legs and butt HURT. But it seems to wear off after a couple of kilometres, so it wasn’t too torturous…

And finally, today was meant to be an hour and a half or running hills at Kew Boulevard. With the sun blazing in true day-two-of-spring style, we intended to do one lap of the 15km lap and take it really slow. But for some reason, my legs were feeling good, and without my Garmin (I put it down somewhere this week and can’t find it!!!) I went much faster than I intended. So I finished the lap in 1:10. I ran down to the car park, which is down a really steep entrance, and unlocked the car and checked my phone. When I realised I had another 20 mins left, the thought of running back up that hill was too much. So I did a couple of steady laps of the car park and waited for the boys to get back.

Now my legs are killing. But luckily there is nothing on the cards for the rest of the evening except watching the amazing Paralympics and eating.

Oh, and hooray for Spring. It feels so good to have the sun in your face when you’re training. Any time in fact. I realise that this is Melbourne and the weather is likely to slip back into winter at any moment. But for now we can pretend that summer is just around the corner. I think that calls for a banana smoothie. I already had one today, but who’s counting…

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6 thoughts on “Too-many-of-beers, cow-on-a-spit, cyclocross and doping (well, Infliximab).

  1. kitcischke says:

    Cyclocross is *awesome*. You definitely have to try it.

    • Am definitely keen to give it a go – it looks fantastic! Any tips?

      • kitcischke says:

        Nice knobby tires are your friend. The single most important factor in the comfort and speed of your ride is going to be tire pressure. Too hard and you bounce around. Too low and the tire wiggles and squirms in the corners. When the tire pressure is right, the tires hook up and you don’t have your teeth rattled out of your skull. Practice dismounting and remounting the bike and really, truly, wholeheartedly commit to your remount, every time. And most of all, have fun. You’re out there in the mud and dirt on your bike like an 8-year old. You ought to be smiling!

      • Fantastic advice! Will hopefully get a chance to give it a go soon. I love the idea of just being covered head to toe in mud like a kid! Thanks heaps for your advice!

  2. Daddy says:

    Lost your Garmin?
    That’s some kind of oxymoron isn’t it.
    Surely it should find you?

    Love you Boo.

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