Ironman Cairns and 70.3 Cairns – an idiot’s guide to sports journalism.

It’s been a crazy week. Last weekend was a public holiday and I was up in Cairns to cover the 70.3 and Ironman events for Triathlon & Multisport Magazine. And what a weekend it was.

Liz Blatchford and Stephanie Jones, 1st and 3rd females in the Cairns Ironman, collect their finishers' towels. Because they know, as well as I, that the towels are why we enter the race. #M-DotLove

Liz Blatchford and Stephanie Jones, 1st and 3rd females in the Cairns Ironman, collect their finishers’ towels. Because they know, as well as I, that the towels are why we enter the race.                              #M-Dotmerchanidiseforever

I’ll save the detail for the feature article (so that you can all go out and buy yourselves a copy…) but I will give you a summary I list format:

1) It was sunny. And hot. Yes, I got sunburnt (I’m an English girl who lives in Melbourne – not used to too much sunshine). Halfway through race day, I realised I was past the point of no return and that I’d be a nice shade of salmon the next day. But to save face and risk slightly less ridicule, I applied a sachet of banana boat in the medical tent at the finish line at about midday. Even thou the damage had already been done, I figured if I at least smelt like I was wearing sunscreen, people wouldn’t think me so stupid. (I’m stupid).

2) I ate chocolate gelato like I was a kid on holiday.

3) I went for my third run since appendix op and managed a whopping 6km. The sun smashed my skin, and the wind smashed my face. I’m back to life.

4) I got to be a journalist for the weekend and wear a beautiful access-all-areas media vest. Best day ever.



It was a full-on day. Two races running concurrently on the same course. Amazing. By the end of the night, I was so exhausted it felt like I had competed. But I tell you what – the life of a sports journalist is where it’s at. FACT.

Sports journalism. Best.

Sports journalism. Best. (This is Liz Blatchford who just won the first ever Ironman race she had entered. Boss.)

But as I said, wait for the real-life article to get my thoughts on race day.

What else is news? Well, as I said, I managed my third run whilst I was up in Cairns. Fitness is still very minimal. I also did a lunchtime run this week, and my friend Bevan and I were ten minutes late to meet Running Club stalwart Misseswhite, so we had to blitz 3km to try and get there on time; it was street-racing of the most gruelling and grotesque kind. We dodged tourists and Big Issue sellers like they were living landmines. Darting between the crowds, hopping from kerb to bench to bus stop like a poor man’s parkour group, the two of us smashed ourselves to meet Kate on time – both of us as unfit as the other, Bevo from a couple of months living it up on holiday in Europe, and me from a couple of months living it up at home with half a baguette of garlic bread and a bottle of red every Friday night.

We made it – just. And Bevan tells me his running app had these two very out of form athletes (sorry Bevo, but we are, n’est pas?) running at just over 4 minute k’s to get there. No wonder we both nearly puked. “Happy birthday Kate. Have some vomit on your shoe. Oh no, not actual vomit, it’s ok. But here’s a ton of free flowing dribble, touching your shoe, whilst at the same time still attached to my mouth”. Cute, right?

So I’m running again. Tomorrow I’m meeting training buddy and number one accomplice in all-round-troublemaking, Meg, for what sounds like a punishing double brick session. She had an epic race last week at Cairns, so it’s fair to say she is in fine form right now. And I don’t expect her to go easy on me. She’s a hard task-master.

Lucy Piper_Meg Gillmer_triathlon

If there were one image to summarise the definition of ‘mischief’, this is it.

To make it tougher, I took to the road today for a ride with some of the chaps from work (pleased to say I managed to grab a back wheel from Jarrod, Matt, Luke and Paul for a bit) and then picked up Melanie and Jess for “Pipe Down Development Squad Training” (I just made that up). But Mel and Jess have only recently got bikes, and I have been trying to manifest me some more girls to ride with for a while, so that ultimately we can build ourselves an awesome girl bike gang and then I won’t have to ride alone after I get dropped at Oliver’s Hill anymore.

So I had a great ride with both the guys and the girls today. But now my legs are exhausted and ill have to try to get them turning over once more tomorrow morning. Alas, the time for excuses is over – Vegas 70.3 is twelve weeks away. I need to find some fitness. Oh and some motivation.

I just have to finish off this garlic bread and red wine first though…

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10 thoughts on “Ironman Cairns and 70.3 Cairns – an idiot’s guide to sports journalism.

  1. Gaynor Bosanko says:

    As always a great read Lucy xx

  2. Rowley says:

    lookin’ good lucy….even in the ‘press vest’…xx N & K

  3. abronxturtle says:

    A great read. Good luck in Vegas!

  4. Glad to hear you’re running again!
    And, congratulations on covering the races! I bet it was an amazing experience!

  5. Mummy says:

    You look and sound great baby. glad to see you’re getting back into the swing of things. Xxxx

  6. Daddy says:

    Genius Boo.
    Keep it coming.

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