Rapha Women’s 100 Melbourne

I’ve been out of radio contact for a month. Apologies. This has been the most hectic four weeks. In fact, this has been the most hectic 18 months…  I seem to have hit a really productive phase, despite having very little nothing to show for it on the pages of this blog. But there are some very exciting projects in the pipeline (pun incidental). Only thing is, that working like a maniac has diverted my energies away from training as hard as I’d like. Especially with Vegas 70.3 less than 8 weeks away (YIKES).

In saying that, last weekend I rode about 220km and ran the longest I have been able to manage since my operation in April. Saturday was a really strong brick session: solo ride to Frankston, group ride back with some very strong female cyclists (which was a treat as there was a crazy head wind so they were a welcome gift on the way home), followed by a 13km run. The run was slow but steady. I’m not breaking any records.

Sunday was the inaugural Rapha Women’s 100, where women all over the world got together to ride 100km. Arriving at the warehouse in Collingwood and being greeted with free coffee and bananas, it was awesome to see so many women gathered for the ride. Jess, Kerensa and I got lost before even leaving the block, but soon caught up. It was rolling lolz all day (rolz?), and I met a ton of incredible ladies who love their bike as much as I do. And that gave me happiness in my heart. A few of us swapped numbers like a warped speed-dating session. Looking forward to future bike dates!

Of course, Rapha were the perfect hosts, providing us with some swag to take home (smart little monochrome saddle bags and freshly ground coffee beans), as well as a champagne lunch. All for just being a girl and riding a bike. THANK YOU BICYCLE GODS. More to the point, thank you Rapha (not for the first time). I even managed to get papped a couple of times and make it to the homepage of the Rapha site and their facebook page

Lucy Piper_cycling

Image stolen from Rapha

Lucy Piper_cycling

Image stolen from Rapha

Lucy Piper_cycling

Image stolen from Rapha

Lucy Piper_cycling

Image stolen from Rapha.

Jessica, Me, Kerensa. Image stolen from Kerensa.

Jessica, Me, Kerensa. Image stolen from Kerensa.

But since last Sunday I’ve been flat-out with non-sport-related projects. And Vegas is getting closer and closer, all the while my butt is getting bigger and bigger. However, I’m trying to maintain perspective – I’m not going to get a PB, especially since I’m relatively unfit right now. If I finish in last place, then SO BE IT. Tomorrow, Jarrod and I are heading up to Eildon to get some hill-time in and to get out of the city. June and July have been a bit of a pressure cooker, so kangaroos and gum trees are just the remedy. I’m aiming for about 5 hours riding tomorrow with an hour and a half run, and an hour riding on Sunday with a 2 hour run. But let’s see how it pans out. I’m in a bit of a bad habit of exerting my free will over the training plan right now (i.e. doing what I want to do, instead of doing what I need to do). It’s been tough juggling everything. And I have the most awful guilt that accompanies missing training. But I feel like this weekend is like a big RESET button.

Finally, my training buddy who left me for the lure of the tropics has launched her new site: The Wholesome Athlete , so please can we send some traffic her way by clicking the link – perhaps even try a few of the recipes out and send in your photos (your very own chance for internet fame!).

That’s all for now. I’m going to watch The Tour and try and manifest myself the body of an athlete whilst eating chocolate ice cream at the same time.

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17 thoughts on “Rapha Women’s 100 Melbourne

  1. hehe who would have thought that I would be racing in less than 2 weeks time after this ride. Cant wait until your all better and can join me 🙂 xx

  2. […] called Pipe Down Piper written by Lucy Piper. The post that took my attention was entitled Rapha Women’s 100 Melbourne, where Lucy describes some of her difficulties to keep training for triathlon competitions after a […]

  3. yerttle says:

    I am SO new at biking. (I have a Trek Lexa…no aero bars yet) My longest ride so far is just an hour and I’m terrified of the downhills in my area (North Carolina, USA). Your posts are always so inspiring and make me smile and give me hope! I’m hoping to complete a Sprint Tri someday in the future. (have to learn to breath properly in the water…apparently breathing is important. Ppppsssshhhht!!!) Please keep up the awesome work and postings…they help this newbie a whole pant load! 🙂 Cheers!!

    • Thank you! It means so much to me that you would take the time to let me know! It sounds like you’re totally smashing it. And don’t worry – everyone has to be a beginner at some point. When I fist started this blog, I felt like (I was) a complete novice. Everything was difficult. I fell off my bike regularly. Hills were horrendous. Riding for an hour felt like an endless eternity. But staying consistent helped me to progress, slow and steady. The same with the swimming – I’m still no stephanie rice, but I feel very comfortable in the water now, and just happy to take it slow and steady and enjoy the process. Stay consistent, and positive – you’re doing an incredible job! And thanks again for the lovely feedback, you just made my day 🙂

  4. Nice photos from the ride!
    I’ve seen your times- even if you haven’t been training much, I’m sure you’ll still do pretty great in Vegas with almost 8 weeks to go!

    • Ah shucks, you made me blush 🙂 That is awesome to hear – thanks so much for the feedback – I read every one of your posts so I am stoked that you stopped by and commented. What wonderful feedback, thanks so much!! I’ll let you know if I survive Vegas (the race, AND the after party…) 🙂

  5. And I just went for a 2 mile walk on the beach and think I’m a hero! Go Lucy, Go. xx

  6. Luke Gillmer says:

    Hey time for some positive self talk. Sounds like you had a solid weekend training and are ready for a good 8 week build to Vegas. Go Lucy! Rug up and get into it.

    • Gillmerguy!! Thanks for the feedback – I’ve taken it onboard and am trying to reinforce some positive messages. Feeling a bit more upbeat over the past few days – last week was just a tough one trying to juggle work with training. But I feel like I hit ‘RESET’ at the weekend. We have up days; we have down days, as you know. Getting there. I think I just miss my riding buddy – bring her back!!! Hope you guys are smashing it over there – keep us updated! 🙂

  7. Allan says:

    Nice to see you looking so well.

  8. Dad.. says:

    Is that bike stolen?…

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