Vegas 70.3: Back on track (almost). 7 Weeks to go.

Seven weeks to go until Vegas 70.3, and it feels like I might be getting back on track. Last week was a massive downer, but with some great feedback in emails and comments on my post I’ve been able to swing my mood and get motivated again. I jumped back in the pool after a long hiatus, managing a session on Monday and Wednesday. I was supposed to swim again tonight, but canned it after getting a smackdown from the rain on my bike ride home from work – I was drenched as if I was in the pool doing laps. So I’m gonna tick that one off as a swim session. I’m also happy taking today as a rest day as I stayed up to the end of last night’s stage of Le Tour – the double Alpe d’Huez climb – and I feel like I climbed it with them. So I’m gonna tick that one off as a training session too.

Aside from completing my first swim training for a while, I also managed to stay on top of everything this week and tick off every training session that was on the plan. And it’s been a long time since that happened. Last weekend, Jarrod and I headed up to Eildon to get some climbs in on the bikes. Saturday we rode the Skyline road from Eildon out to Alexandra, Taggerty, Thornton and back to Eildon. I’ve only ridden there once before – last year. And I forgot what a bastard serious climbing is. We managed just under four hours, and the final climb back up to Jerusalem Creek broke my soul. It was only on getting back to the lake that Jarrod pointed out I had a slow puncture and my front wheel was at half pressure. At least I can use that as my excuse for the final climb feeling so tough…

roadtrip to Eildon

roadtrip to Eildon

Thanks for turning on the weather for us Melbourne.

Thanks for turning on the weather for us Melbourne.

Tour de L'Eildon

Tour de L’Eildon

Me, husbandguy, lakeguy

Me, husbandguy, lakeguy

Picked up this hot guy at the top of Skyline road. Seriously, this is where we got married. So I actually did formally pick him up here.

Picked up this hot guy at the top of Skyline road. Seriously, this is where we got married. So I actually did formally pick him up here.



The weather was terrible on Sunday, and so was my attitude; our long run turned into a 7km jog around the tan. I was miserable – weepy miserable. The entire run I felt like I was going to burst into tears. Like I was wearing a cloak of misery that I couldn’t shake off. So we decided to wrap it up and head home early. I felt a whole lot better after heading to the movies, watching The Heat and laughing my cheeks off while eating an entire large popcorn to myself. There is nothing – REPEAT nothing – that going to the movies and smashing a ton of popcorn can’t fix.

So the movies fixed me, and Monday night was the night of the first swim. I splashed right in. It wasn’t very warm. I managed a gentle 1500m. Tuesday was a 30min threshold run at lunchtime – ouch – followed by a couple of laps at Kew Boulevard on the bike after work. Wednesday was another swim (two in one week – lookout!), and then Thursday was a 10km run and a 60 min ride at Kew again. If anyone else was training in Melbourne on Thursday: WHAT WAS THAT WEATHER? I think it may have been the End Of The World, or some kind of cloud seeding?? Major thunderstorms, 22 degrees in the middle of winter and then 65km winds?

So now we’re up to date. I feel like I’m slowly coming back to life again. It’s ironic that you train like a maniac for a year, and as soon as you stop, you become overwhelmed and exhausted. But luckily, we’ll be heading stateside soon for a well-deserved holiday. Well, a well-deserved holiday with a half-ironman in the middle of it, but a holiday just the same. I can’t bloody wait.

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8 thoughts on “Vegas 70.3: Back on track (almost). 7 Weeks to go.

  1. Mummy says:

    Is there such a thing as a ‘gentle 1500m’ swim? XXX

  2. ookgirl says:

    Piper, you make me laugh with every post! Glad you are getting back on track… I also suffered in my training after staying up to watch the TdF double AdH stage. It was the best. Froome, Froome! …Best wishes for your 70.3 in Vegas. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Cheers! -ookgirl

  3. El says:

    Welcome back and good on you for sticking to your training. Keep it up, Vegas will be amazing!!

  4. Dad.. says:

    Language Boo!

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