Want to absolutely nail your first triathlon?

My first ever triathlon was a disaster. I experienced the classic open-water swim freak out. I was so petrified about ever doing another triathlon, that I immediately signed up for an ironman, as I thought that if I was going to tackle this swim, I would need to go hard or go home. That’s how scared I was. Fortunately, it worked. I’m not so afraid anymore.

And it turns out, that in that year of training for an ironman, I was given a handful of great advice. And this week I have shared some of my advice for beginner triathletes, and those attempting their first triathlon, over at Witsup.com (if you’re a female triathlete, check it out as it’s a fantastic resource for women getting into triathlon). So take a look, and hopefully you will benefit from my mistakes, and the advice that I was offered along the way.

And of course, I would love for you to share your tips and advice in the comments below!

Lucy Piper_triathlon tips

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8 thoughts on “Want to absolutely nail your first triathlon?

  1. hafless says:

    I learned while training for my first triathlon that the kind of bike really makes a difference. Biking isn’t my strong sport in the first place but a crappy bike sure doesn’t make it more enjoyable. And half assing the training for that portion just because you don’t enjoy it doesn’t help either

    • Absolutely – it’s going to be a ton easier to train if you have access to a road bike as opposed to a hybrid or a mountain bike. But if you’re just beginning, then it’s great to get out there on whatever you can get your hands on! Do you have a more practical bike to train on now? 🙂

  2. LrMolife says:

    Thanks for the link too. I decided this year that I need to do a duathlon or triathlon in the next 2 years so this is going to help!

  3. Guys can learn a lot from the ladies.

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