Why you need to set ridiculous goals to skyrocket your success.

A while ago, I found myself in between goals – in that no man’s land where you have nothing to aim for, no particular reason to visit the pool, and absolutely nothing to get you out of bed at 5:00am on a cold and wet weekend morning to ride your bike.

And having nothing in particular to train for is great. For about three days. And then the angst sets in and you start to think you will never achieve anything of significance again, apart from becoming the world’s most efficient consumer of chocolate and red wine (by efficient, read: can eat and drink more than anyone else in the least amount of time).

So I wound up my brain cogs, and penned this article for Witsup.com outlining the 7 reasons you should set yourself ridiculously outrageous goals.

If you haven’t visited Witsup yet, take a look. Especially the ladies, as it’s focused on women in sport – namely triathlon. But most of the awesome interviews and articles are relevant to the fellas as well. So check it out IMMEDIATELY (Pipe Down Directive).

And if you want to know why audacious goal setting will skyrocket your performance, then take a look at my latest Witsup article and start planning your world domination right away.

Finally, please comment/like/share if you found it helpful, as Witsup.com is doing incredible things for women in sport, and we need to help their awesome site take over the entire internetz.

(I decided to use this image below for this blog post, as it was used on the Witsup Instagram today. And it felt so rad to be quoted like Steve Jobs on an internet meme. Please forgive this shameless self promotion. Again.)


(Image stolen from Wilkie Productions via witsup.com)


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9 thoughts on “Why you need to set ridiculous goals to skyrocket your success.

  1. Mimi Loves to Run says:

    Great to connect here and read your blog. Inspiring!!

  2. BADASS!!! I’m sharing it on my blog!

  3. Kecia says:

    Great article Lucy!! So many of these apply to racing, but also to life. I am working toward achieving the following goals for IMWI in September:
    1. Swim time 1:20:00 or faster
    2. Maintain a 17 mph or faster bike
    3. Set myself up for a 4:30:00 marathon (or faster)
    4. No nutritional disasters (like I encountered IMWI 2011 where I ended up with hyponatremia and don’t remember the last 8 hours of my event)
    There…now my goals are out there and I will work hard to achieve them 😉

  4. “The Tragedy Of Life Doesn’t Lie In Not Reaching Your Goal. The Tragedy Lies In Having No Goals To Reach.”

  5. yerttle says:


    I’ve been totally feeling sorry for myself because I can only have one big race this year (“fiscal dieting” as a friend calls it. I call it suck and broke.) Because I have one race, and it’s Sunday, I’ve been feeling adrift when I consider life after this race.

    You know what I REALLY want to do? I want to be an Ironman. I want to run both legs of Comrades. I want Badwater. I want the Marine Corps Marathon.

    I want INSANE pain/glory/fun/bling/bragging rights/bad-assery.

    And since none of these events could happen this year anyway, I guess I’d better call my Coach and ask him, “What’s my schedule next week? Next month?”

  6. Dad says:

    Shameless, shameless!

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