Ironman and Icebergs: is this real life?

It’s just past 5am and I can’t sleep. Rare, as sleep is almost a profession to me. But anyway, I thought I would take the moment to check-in since it’s been forever since I last wrote. And that is slack as all hell.

What have you been up to in my absence?

So many of you guys write to me to tell me about your races and training, so I’ve missed hearing about where things are at. The triathlon season is in full swing here in Australia. My training, however, is not. If you want more detail, take a look at some of my random musings over at where I have expanded on some of the stuff affecting this season’s training. To summarise briefly, I have had to pull out of racing the Challenge Melbourne half-iron distance race next weekend for no other reason than I am unfit and couldn’t run to catch a bus right now.

But dropping out of races and not being fit has been a small price to pay for the past few months of adventures. My last post chronicled our epic trip to Italy which, as I mentioned, created a massive deficit in my fitness stores. But what a way to say goodbye to speed and strength – with pizza, pasta, red wine etc…

Since returning from Italy, I got to work on a video project out at Uluru in the centre of Australia. Spending time with the Anangu people and learning about Australia’s Aboriginal stories and traditions was out-of-this-world. If you live in Australia and haven’t been there yet, put it on the very top of your bucket list; this place has soul like no other spot on the planet. You wouldn’t think it possible to find yourself captivated by a big rock jutting out of the horizon, but I found myself magnetised by it, staring for hours while we shot the sunrises and sunsets, unable to look away. Well, unable to look away, unless I was posing to get my photo taken haha…

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.04.55 AM

Australia_Outback_lucy Piper

Lucy Piper_Outback

Red Centre_Australia

So central Australia was EPIC. I’m going to try to head back there as soon as possible with as many friends as I can rally – and (shameless plug) since I was filming for these guys and these guys in collaboration, check them out if you want to experience it for yourself.

And so from one extreme, quite literally to the other; after the heat and dust of the Red Centre in Australia, I was lucky enough to be sent to the frozen desert at the bottom of the planet: Antarctica. If you’ve read my ‘About’ page (yeah you have!) you’ll know that I’m a Shackleton geek. A couple of years ago, the opportunity arose to apply for a place on a one-off trip with Intrepid Travel on the Shackleton Epic expedition, but after many days and weeks of deliberation, I decided not to apply because I was committed to completing my first Ironman; too far into training to give it up, I accepted the fact that I would probably not get to see Antarctica for myself, but that the commitment to achieving my goal was a challenge that I couldn’t walk away from.

Just over two years later, and Antarctica called again – this time in the form of a last minute project working as a multimedia content creator, shooting video and stills, and writing content for Intrepid Travel and Peregrine Adventures. Heading off to South America, I flew to Santiago, Buenos Aires and Ushuaia before setting sail for the one place on earth that I’ve wanted to visit above all others. I’m currently compiling all of the content at work, outlining the experience in depth, but you can read a short taster that I wrote for Intrepid if you want a snippet. And since I’m still working on the stills for work, they’re not finished and online, so instead, here are just a few to give you a glimpse:

Deception Island_Antarctica_Lucy Piper Paradise Harbour_Antarctica_Lucy Piper Culverville_Icebergs_Antarctica_Lucy Piper Tabular Iceberg_Antarctica_Lucy Piper Paulet Island_Penguins

Cape Horn_Lucy Piper

So there you go – the end of training but the start of adventure: Italy, Uluru, Antarctica. What a wild few months. Back in 2012 I sacrificed travel for fitness, and so it swings around that this year I exchanged fitness for adventure. And what an adventure – I’ve seen the finish of Ironman and the faces of icebergs and every day I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s really happening.

Is this real life?

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10 thoughts on “Ironman and Icebergs: is this real life?

  1. ookgirl says:

    I’m not sure if my comment worked. Pardon this if it is a repeat… I came across this other blog on Antarctica and thought you would like it:

  2. meh says:

    I just finished The Endurance and, because I did read your bio, I thought of you. That is freaking awesome.

  3. Sometimes we have to set aside something FOR adventure! its why we stay in shape enough to enjoy them when they arise. WOW, I am not sure i coulda passed ont he Shackleton epic, but I am glad you made it down there!

  4. 11jacks says:

    Loved Antarctica!! It’s such an amazing, awe inspiring place, as is the Red Centre. Great photos, slightly jealous of your adventures. 🙂

  5. Dad. says:


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