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2014: Bring it hither

I’m glad to have made it through the other side of 2013. Not sure how it was for everyone else, but if I could choose any year of my life to live again, it probably wouldn’t be 2013; I’d probably go for the boozy-backpacking-chalet-hosting years between 2004-2008. Or the boozy-musical theatre-drama club-dance years from 1998-2001, or the boozy-studying-more boozing-university years from 2000-2004. Any of the boozy-fun-filled years would do really. And it’s not that 2013 didn’t have its fair share of boozy fun (remember that time we crashed a wedding in San Diego and sang Karaoke with the bride?). There was plenty of booze (although less than years 2000-2011) and plenty of fun. But there’s also been lots of change, trauma, sickness and just general toughing-it-out happening for lots of people this year. So I’m looking forward to diving into the greatness that is a brand new year *does jazz hands to try and briefly relive 1998 vibe*.

So before I start trying to figure out my goals and *cough* resolutions for 2014, I thought I would do a wrap up of the highs and lows of last year. Because now that it’s over, I can talk about 2013 openly without fear of it overhearing. Like when the totally socially awkward person that everyone avoids and nobody invited, finally leaves the party, and you can all talk about what a mole they are behind their backs. Yes 2013, I’m bitching behind your back. And there’s nothing you can do about it.


1) A speeding fine that snuck in just before the end of the year.

2) Appendicitis.

3) Myocarditis.

4) Lost four full months of training due to points 2 & 3

5) Car broke down about a billion times.

6) Spent my 31st birthday with the worst hangover OF MY LIFE (see above re: wedding crashing). 

7) Hardest race OF MY LIFE out in the desert at Las Vegas 70.3

8) Many additional miscellaneous sagas involving family, health, work, finances and general sanity.

And now for the HIGHS:

1) Finished my first ironman *HURRAH*

2) Finished my second half ironman, with a PB of 5:11 *YAHOO*

3) Became a columnist and contributor for Triathlon & Multisport Mag *BAZINGA*

4) Joined the WITSUP.COM crew as a contributor *YESSSSS*

5) Got flown to Cairns and put up in the Hilton to cover the IM and 70.3 races *YIPEEEEEEE*

6) Raced the 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas *YIKES*

7) Learnt to play craps in Vegas *HELLLLLLO*

8) Travelled around California with the hottest guy on the planet (husband) *WAHOO*

9) Crashed a wedding in San Diego and sang Karaoke with the bride *ROCK ON GOLD DUST WOMAN*

10) Started my own freelance business *CHA-CHING* (well, not quite ‘Cha-ching’, but ‘Cha’ at least)

So there it is. The whole year in a few neat points. I’m now trying to figure out some goals for 2014, but I’m not too great at planning. But my number one resolution is “get better at planning”. Here are some rough concepts that I’m working on, but they need fleshing out a little before I can execute them fully:

Rough concepts to pitch at 2014:

1) Travel to a Spanish-speaking country and an Italian speaking country.

2) Learn Spanish and Italian.

3) Run a sub 3:30 marathon (I’ve never tried a straight marathon. This could be a good goal. Maybe. Just a concept)

4) Race a sub 5 half ironman.

5) Race another ironman (or maybe this is one for early next year, see what fits).

6) Get a new road bike (the 2007 Avail is past its prime. It squeaks every time I change gear, so much so that someone I was riding with the other day asked if I had a DI2 electronic groupset!).

7) Build freelance business into an empire.

8) Grasp opportunities.

9) Be consistent with writing and training.

10) Focus more on planning.

To help me out with number 10, the Universe gifted me a diary (as I hate using online calendars and all that crap. I like a pen and paper. A real book guy) so I will be using this like the Grail Diary in Indiana Jones. Hopefully it will prevent me from triple-booking appointments…

That’s all for now. They’re just rough concepts. I’m still firming up details, but as you know, I’m not that good at planning, so they will probably just stay here in conceptual form until December. I have a race in four weeks (Challenge Melbourne Half Ironman), and so I will be trying to execute the ‘training’ element of number 9. Will let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, enjoy the New Year. And you should be hearing much more from me, since I’m going to be so consistent with my writing….

And here’s some shots of what we’ve been up to over xmas and New Year:

Lucy Piper triathlonLucy Piper triathlon

Lucy Piper triathlon

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