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Thunder Thighs: the week 9 training report.

And so, on to week 10 of training.

Last week’s lethargy has been bumped from the top-spot by a new found enthusiasm that has appeared out of nowhere like the first poppy in No Man’s Land.  For the first time, I have been able to train consistently for three weeks in a row (weeks 3 & 4 of training were spent working in Vietnam, and a trip home to England straddled weeks 6 & 7), and I’m beginning to feel very slight progress.

In addition, my legs seem to be taking on a new silhouette due to all the cycling.  At first I panicked that I might end up shaped like an Oompa Loompa – especially after seeing some of the insane muscles on the girls at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships.  But then I remembered this awesome ad campaign that was run by Nike a few years ago:

I wish I wrote this ad.

It makes me glad that my skinny jeans, despite now gaping at the waist, are starting to stretch across my thighs and calfs.  It’s probably the only thing I’ve got to show for all the hard work at the moment.  Apart from the bags under my eyes.

Things are also starting to feel a bit less difficult.  This weekend’s long ride was a repeat of one we did a fortnight ago, with a big ascent, repeated twice, and sandwiched in the middle of a tricky 60km out-and-back.  Two weeks ago, it felt almost impossible.  But this weekend, despite lashings of rain, fog and freezing weather, it actually felt a little bit like fun.  Tough fun, but fun all the same.

I haven’t tested myself out with the running yet, as each time I have been training this past couple of weeks it’s been with heavy, fatigued legs.  The weekend, we did our long run up at Lake Eildon due to the long weekend.  Having cycled the 1/20 the morning before, running up steep tracks around the lake was especially difficult, but luckily we were blessed with amazing sunshine, and of course, epic surrounds.  And today’s Running Club run at lunchtime was a nice easy recovery run after riding this morning, so I have no idea what sort of fitness level my running is at. But I trust our training, so hopefully things are ticking along ok.  The Run Melbourne Half Marathon is coming up in a few weeks, and work is kindly covering costs for entries from our office, so that will be a good opportunity to see where the training is at.  I’m aiming to beat my time from last year.  And just enjoy the run really.

And finally, the update you’ve all been waiting for: yes, I have been in the pool.  More than once.  Two days in a row this week in fact.  I had a swimming lesson last week, and the instructor told me to slow down.  She said that it’s not a race.  Relax.  Stretch.  Reach.  Glide.  Pull.  Recover.  She’s injected some much needed calm into my stroke.  And for the first time in ages I started to enjoy swimming again.  I’m just going to spend the next couple of weeks focusing on calming down my stroke and becoming more efficient (and trying not to drown), and hopefully the fitness will follow.

To summarise:

Week 9 Training Report

cycling – 7:45

running – 2:45

swimming – 1:30

Total – 12 hours

Getting there.

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