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Piped down.

Sad to say, there will be no Pipe Down update this week. Lucy was taken sick with appendicitis on Monday and had to have surgery a couple of days ago.

She is now recovering in bed, watching marathon episodes of trash TV.

If you simply can’t wait for your next hit of Pipe Down Piper, why not head out to the newsagents and read her latest article in Triathlon and Multisport Magazine? (Make sure you buy the magazine – don’t just stand there reading it in WH Smiths, they get really angry when you do that. So we’re been told…)*

Pipe down piper_triathlon mag


pipe down piper


*This is actually Lucy writing, but I thought it sounded a bit more dramatic if I wrote in the third person, like some kind of emergency ghostwriter had been hired to look after my blog…

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