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Ever felt like you’re about to have a heart attack when running?

So here’s an update that I wasn’t expecting to be posting: I am writing from my bed on the cardiac ward of my nearest hospital. I have been here for five days now. Apart from going slightly insane due to inactivity and the ever-present grim reaper who seems to walk up and down the corridor every night (there is constant wailing and gasping coming from the rooms up and down the ward…), I’m fine. Well, almost fine.

I was admitted to hospital on Thursday morning. I woke up with what I thought was severe indigestion. Sitting up in bed, and trying to flush it out with lots of cold water, the sensation got more and more intense, and I was experiencing significant heart palpitations that radiated up into my throat, and echoed around my chest cavity like it were a tympani.

Indigestion. Perhaps.

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