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How to manifest yourself a new bike (Phase 1).

HOORAY for le start of Le Tour.  The dulcet tones of Phil Ligget will once more narrate my dreams as I drift off into the early hours in front of the TV, struggling to stay awake, stage by stage, night by night.  It’s times like these you realise you are on the wrong side of the planet – tonight, for instance:

10:00pm – 02:00am – Tour De France Stage 1

04:00am – 06:00am – Euro 2012 Final

And tomorrow, slot Wimbledon coverage in there as well.  Plus the upcoming Olympics.  The world’s greatest sport, all on in the middle of the night.  I’m not sure where I will fit in training, work and sleep.  Perhaps I can amalgamate work and sleep into one (DREAM JOB)…

But back to The Tour: this week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Bike Echange (bikeexchange.com.au) Tour De France opening party.  And any of you who know me will know that I have been trying to manifest myself a new bike from The Universe for some time.  So this event was a great opportunity for me to get some good manifesting going on, and show aforementioned Universe just how much I really would love that new bike.  Fortunately, the wonderful Bike Exchange crew provided the perfect equipment to enhance my manifestation-success-probability; they had two very slick Proform Tour De France simulators.  This was my chance to show The Universe just how fast I could go.  So my friend Jo and I stepped up to race each other, in front of masses of cheering supporters (thanks Jarrod, Melanie and Joe), and enjoyed a champagne-fuelled race ‘around the block’:

Nice work girls.

Other ways that I have been manifesting a new bike this past few weeks:

1) Visiting bike shops far too often

2) Visiting bike websites far too often

3) Bought myself a brand new helmet as a sign to The Universe that I’m ready to start riding really fast

4) Entering competitions left, right and centre  to try to win a bike.

5) Watching Le Tour and pretending I’m in it whilst riding the indoor trainer (I haven’t done this yet, as the Tour only started last night.  But I will be doing this for the next three weeks).

So what with this week’s race with Jo Stewart, plus all of the above, hopefully my new bike is on it’s way.  Thank You Universe.

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