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Melbourne: Bikram city

It’s absolutely sweltering today. The temperature in the shade got up to 40 degrees. So who knows what it was in the sunshine. It’s like the entire city is one big urban Bikram yoga studio, minus the yoga.

The crazy up-and-down Melbourne weather* is an additional factor that you have to negotiate in order to keep training consistently. The winter has been long, cold and windy (although my dad would probably point out to me now that 16 degrees isn’t actually that cold). In fact, it was cold and windy the day before yesterday. But today – BAM – 40 degrees – get some of that in your face. Have you ever tried running in forty degree heat? I have. And I tell you what – it stinks. (I remember a few years ago running home from work on a 45 degree day, stopping at every water fountain to drench my head, and finally taking a shortcut through the whole length of the casino shopping centre, running between people and up escalators just to make the most of the air conditioning.) Yes it stinks. Which is why I made it home from work and decided to move this evening’s run session to tomorrow. (Actually, Jarrod just said “I’m not running today. Too hot. I’ll do it tomorrow” and I tagged immediately along with that plan.)

Artist’s impression of how
hot it was in melbourne today

Although I did make it out for a 5:30 recovery ride this morning, so I don’t feel too bad for not training tonight (and who wants to train in a sauna?). We took it nice and easy this morning, having ridden big hills all weekend and still feeling it a tiny bit in the legs, it was great to ride comfortably and chat all morning (normally I’m struggling so hard to keep my legs moving that I can’t breathe, let alone speak). The weather was a balmy 23/24 degrees first thing this morning, so that was another bonus.

I’m not sure what else there is to report really. We rode to Kinglake on Saturday, also in 35 degree heat and burning sunshine. The boys did 3 x repeats of the hill and I did 1 x repeat. I’ve got a list of excuses as long as my arm (as usual), but the main reasons I only managed one repeat were a) an impending migrane that went all tunnel-vision-y and b) my new head stem coming loose, handlebars moving, me having to turn around and ride back for ages to find a hardware store and buy a set of hex keys as we’d left ours at home. So by the time I finished my first repeat, the boys were all at the top of their third.

Coincidently, I bumped into the managing director of the company I work for at the top of the hill, so we rode down together. Actually, to be more specific, he absolutely torched me on the way down and left me for dust – didn’t see that one coming Manch! But he was polite enough to wait for me towards the bottom of the descent to at least make it look like I had kept up with him (much appreciated).

Sunday was an early start to go and watch a friend in a triathlon down at St Kilda. The water looked very unwelcoming, so I was pleased that we weren’t entering. Then we had a MASSIVE breakfast, followed by another big ride up a big hill, sticky date pudding at the summit (did somebody say “race weight”? No, I didn’t think so either), and a fantastic ride back to Elwood. Notably, I had two punctures during this ride, and then another one last night. Definitely time for new tyres…

I guess the biggest news of all is that we have begun our long taper for Canberra 70.3, which is in almost two weeks (HOLY S***). I am absolutely cacking my pants. On the upside, I have been looking forward to tapering for a long time. It will nice to feel awake and energetic for a change. My legs have been feeling like two big leg-shaped bags full of wet concrete for what feels like forever. I have forgotten what it feels like to run fast. I have forgotten what it feels like to not have bags under my eyes. Mum, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I seem like someone in a prison camp every time we skype – the time difference means that whenever we catch each other it’s about two hours past my ideal bed time. But I know you think I look drained/hungry/exhausted but I promise I’m having FUN. This is actually a voluntary regime that we are putting ourselves through, but I promise I enjoy it -even though my voice is monotoned when I speak to you and I have about as much colour in my face as that guy from The Scream.

On that note, it’s feeding time followed closely by bed time. Thanks for stopping by.

*the weather forecast for Tuesday is 18 degrees. Today it was 40 degrees. That’s what they mean by ‘up-and-down’.


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