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Running Club Italia (In all honesty, we only went for about four runs. But who’s counting??)





Regular readers of Pipe Down are no doubt well aware that I generally just keep a blog to ensure that my grandparents back in the UK can keep up to date with what I’m up to. And since we got Nan an iPad a couple of years ago, she’s taken things to the next level (you’re probably already friends with her on facebook or following her tweets). So to keep up with Nan’s increasing demands for engaging content (apparently a postcard just doesn’t cut it these days), here are some snaps from our recent trip to Italy.
I hope you like them Nan.
Oh, and I forgot to let you know about Instagram Nan – you sent me an email while we were away asking how dad had seen tons of my pictures from Rome but you hadn’t seen them in emails or facebook. Basically, it’s this thing called Instagram, and is a bit like facebook but just for photos. I think you’ll love it. This is me here: http://instagram.com/pipe_down_piper so make sure you sign up and then you can start taking pictures so that I can see every time Gramps gets his haircut, or if the robin comes to sit outside in the garden.

In other news, I was lucky enough to interview the founder and CEO of LIV and CFO of GIANT – Bonnie Tu – last weekend. She is making amazing things happen in women’s cycling, so make sure you head over and have a quick read of the interview.

OK. So now for some holiday snaps. Obviously, this is mainly for my Nan, so sorry if you stopped by for the usual random triathlon updates…

About to head out from Procida on the most amazing sailing trip along the Amalfi Coast…

That’s our boat, ‘E Magica’ right in the middle, moored just of Ischia aka Paradise…

Beer #5798

Atlas. Total boss.

Rapid sketching in Pompeii. No reason.


Jarrod getting in some practice for when we buy our yacht next year *cough*

Sat at this table in Amalfi and spotted the most miserable looking couple – they were eating gelato, in paradise, on a 30 degree day, in the sunshine. So I drew a quick picture of them. Poor things.

Italy has started a tomato obsession.

Bike Club Roma.

I was mesmerised by the light inside the Pantheon in Rome. Addicted to this sunbeam…

Then this happened. Never seen Jarrod looking so happy.

Obligatory Italian flag shot…

Maybe my favourite place on earth?

We took red wine drinking to a pro-level:

Tried out this new hairstyle called “heat, humidity, wind, rain” on our wine tour of Chianti:
Behind the scenes of Instagram: this is me instagramming the two shots below (in case you needed a tutorial in point-and-shoot haha):





We were in Italy for a big family occasion – Michael’s 70th birthday (Jarrod’s uncle. So my uncle-in-law? Is that a thing?). Took us a solid twenty minutes to faff around and set up this family selfie…:


The view from our villa in Tuscany. No biggie…




Our last day in Italy. My birthday. Me turning 32. In Milan.


Hope you like them Nan. xxxx

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