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Piping up on WITSUP: The difficult second album.

Time for a sprinkling of shameless self-promotion (again): the latest ‘piping up’ is now live on WITSUP so head on over and have a link. I’ll warn you in advance:  I wrote it when I was at my most depleted, insane, and in a cave of fatigue. And I think that comes across clearly in the content.

So please click through, have a read, ‘like’, ‘share’ and leave your comments at the end of the article. In fact, if you’re feeling in a particularly likey-sharey-social-media-type mood, you could even scroll to the bottom of this page and give pipe down piper a like, sign up via email, or follow @lucy_piper on twitter.

Self-promotion Saturdays. Where it’s at.

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