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Week 11 Training Report

It’s taken me some time to get around to writing this update.  I have summarised the reasons for my tardiness in the following graph:

Week 11 was thorough. It made sure there wasn’t a shred of muscle tissue left that wasn’t crying out to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow, instead of having to hulk my skeleton from A to B.  On top of the mega-levels of fatigue, add in a solid week of intensity, and it feels as though my arms and legs are dragging on the floor behind me.

So this is what training for an ironman feels like.

After my staggered start with big overseas trips, I have now trained consistently since week 6/7.  And that means that on Sunday I will get to enjoy one full day of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Not even a recovery swim.


I’m trying to think of some of the highs and lows from this past week of training, but I am literally too tired to access any areas of my brain that don’t function purely to eat or sleep.  One of the highs (and when I say highs, I mean lows) was our first official brick session on Sunday, featuring a 30 minute lactate threshold test on our bikes, followed by and hour and a half of solid running.  With two turbo trainers set up in a garage, the boys went first on their bikes.  I chuckled away on the inside as they pedalled so hard they could have powered all of Melbourne on the kinetic energy.  They had tears in their eyes.  Then they showed me by immediately heading out and running A HALF MARATHON in 90 minutes, straight off the back of turbo-trainer-hell.

My turn next.

Agony, followed by agony.

“Please can I stop?” I whimpered, like the sissy girl that I am, to our coach.

“One more minute” came the calm response.  Before uttering “Now change up a gear”.

“And another”.

“And another”.

When my heart rate made it past 180, fear of a heart attack convinced our coach I should probably shift down a gear (oh, and I was crying, like the sissy girl that I am).  But because I had obviously pedalled a bit too hard too soon, I hadn’t finished the test yet, so I had to continue for what felt like an eternity of turbo-hell.  Imagine the relief when at last I got to dismount, change my shoes and run for 90 minutes.

The run wasn’t my greatest – I think I covered just over 16km – but it was good to experience running under these conditions, and with so much built-up fatigue from the past few weeks.  It certainly gives you confidence that you’re making progress.  And this week is a lot lighter, so our bodies will get to recuperate a little and reap the rewards from all of our hard work.

And now for some statistics:

Week 11:

Cycling – 7hrs 30min

Running – 3hrs 15min

Swimming – 2hrs 30min

Total – 13hrs 15min

I am too tired to proof read this right now, so please, any editors out there, feel free to add mark-ups in the comments box below.

Goodnight dear readers.

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